About FurBabyGuide.com

Thanks for wanting to know more about us!

We’re a team of pet owners (looking to expand soon!) who all have one thing in common: we want the best for our fur babies.

And you’re on our site because you also care about your pet(s). You want what’s best for them.

We certainly can relate. As pet parents ourselves, there’s no way we’re getting poor quality stuff for our babies!

This is why FurBabyGuide.com was created – to help loving pet owners like you purchase the very best products for your fur babies!

And no, by ‘best’ we don’t mean ‘expensive.’ Not everything is about money.

In fact, our team’s philosophy is to only recommend pet products that actually provide value for our readers.

That said, here’s the entire team:

Gerald S. 

Janice W.

Jose E.

Lisa P.

Here’s a fun fact about us:

We’re based out of 4 different cities in the US.

  • Gerald (our main guy who pays all the bills) is from Reno, NV.
  • Jose (our hard-working editor) is from White Plains, NY.
  • Janice (full-time writer) is based in Houston, TX.
  • And last, but not least, Lisa (part-time writer) works out of her dorm room in Irvine, CA.

That’s basically our small team in a nutshell!

If you want to come and say hi, send us a message!

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