2021’s Best Dog Treadmills for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Is your adorable fur baby getting chonky? They're cute when they get fat, but let's not kid ourselves here. Dogs need exercise. So, if you're shopping for a suitable pet exercise machine, here are 10 of the best dog treadmills in 2020! 

I remember the exact moment when I realized I needed to buy a treadmill for my dog. It was a rainy Sunday and I wanted to go out on a run with my Labrador.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was raining hard! What’s even worse is that it rained for like the next three days.

My dog, Mike, was getting restless and bored inside the house. So, I researched the web on how he can exercise indoors and what the best dog treadmills are (pretty much like what you’re doing now).

Back then, the web pages I landed on didn’t give me a whole lot of information to go with. It was a frustrating experience, to say the least. While I was writing this article, I promised I’d give you, my dear reader, all the info you need so you can make an informed choice.

​That said, this is a comprehensive article. Click on the buttons below to go directly to the section you wish to read.

​​Review of the top 5 treadmills for medium to large breeds (55 pounds and up).

​​Review of the top 5 treadmills for small to medium dogs (55 pounds and below).

​Buying guide and FAQ section about buying the right treadmill for your fur babies.

SECTION I: The Best Dog Treadmills for MEDIUM to LARGE Breeds (55lbs plus)

#1: dogPACER LF 3.1 Treadmill

#2: Dog Runner (Large) Treadmill

#3: GoPet PR725 Large Breed Treadmill

#4: GoPet Treadwheel for Large Dogs​​​​​

#5: GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Treadmill

  • Max dog weight – 180 pounds
  • Walking surface – 6 feet
  • Pre-programmed exercises
  • Quiet motor
  • Adjustable incline

Price: $$$

  • Max dog weight – 242 pounds
  • Walking surface – 4.5 feet
  • Pre-programmed exercises
  • Manual speed
  • 2.0HP motor

Price: $$$$

  • Max dog weight – 176 pounds
  • Walking surface – 6 feet
  • Metal side railings
  • Speed up to 10 MPH
  • Adjustable incline

Price: $$$$

  • Max dog weight – 150 pounds
  • Walking surface – 5 feet
  • Low-impact dog exercise equipment
  • Powered by your pet

Price: $$$$

  • Max dog weight – 264 pounds
  • Walking surface – 8.1 feet
  • Tall metal side railings
  • Speed up to 10 MPH
  • Adjustable incline

Price: $$$$

Now, on to our actual reviews of the 5 pet treadmills for medium to large dogs that made it to our recommended list!

#1: dogPACER LF 3.1 Dog Pacer Treadmill

“The overall best treadmill for medium and large dogs”

Technical Specifications:
  • Max dog weight - 180 pounds
  • Dimensions (Folded) - 42.28" L x 22" W x 8.5" H
  • Dimensions (Open) - 76.77" L X 27.16" W X 46.18" H
  • Running area - 71" L x 16.5" W
  • Product weight - 79 pounds
  • Motor – 1.5HP (peak)
  • Running speed – 0.5 to 7.5 MPH
  • Incline – 5 to 9 degrees
  • Warranty – 1 year on parts and craftsmanship, and lifetime warranty for frame
  • My thoughts on the dogPACER LF 3.1 Treadmill:

    For me, personally, this is the best dog treadmill for medium to large-sized dogs on the market.

    It ticks all the boxes for me – my dog loves it, it’s portable, it works as advertised, and it’s affordable! My lab, Mike, weighs 70 pounds, and this dogPACER can keep up with him with no problems.

    When I first bought this machine, my dog was a bit hesitant in getting on it. So, I did the next logical thing – I climbed onboard the treadmill (I weigh 150 lbs) and walked at the slowest pace (1 mph).

    Then I got off and carried Mike over to the machine. I let him stay put, gave a couple treats to calm him down, then turned on the treadmill.

    I held on to him for about 2 to 3 minutes, just to reassure him everything’s going to be okay. Then I slowly let go and Mike started walking on his own.

    What I really like about this machine, in addition to the fancy features like adjustable speed and incline, is the fact that it’s whisper-quiet.

    It’s not as loud as the treadmills in my gym, but it’s a much lower hum that aren’t going to scare dogs away. I mean, it’s what we expect as pet owners, right?

    Now, obviously, some dogs are going to be skittish no matter how low the hum is, but just like I did with Mike, you can ease them slowly into using the machine. Be patient and take them by the hand, so to speak.

    Additionally, I like the fact that there are side panels. But unlike the other treadmills in this article, this one is flimsy and won’t actually keep your dog from falling off the sides. They’re great for helping your dog focus on the task at hand – walking.

    However, if you’ve got a big dog, then you may want to think about replacing the side panel. Or maybe even reinforcing it with something taller, so they can’t peek over the side and get distracted.

    The height is just right for my lab, but your dog may be different and will need some more customizing to get acclimated faster. 

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Can handle dogs up to 180 pounds!
    • Lightweight, foldable design (weighs only 79 pounds)
    • Pre-set exercise programs
    • Ability to program your dog’s exercise settings
    • Relatively quiet motor
    • Walking surface is a good length at 6 feet
    • Adjustable running speed
    • Adjustable incline from 5 – 9 degrees


    • The side panels could be a bit taller and less flimsy

    CONCLUSION: Is the dogPacer LF 3.1 Treadmill a good buy?

    Yes, I personally think this machine is a good investment. I promise, the treadmill is so going to be worth the money you paid for it once your dog gets the hang of it!

    You no longer need to worry about your dogs getting bored, restless, and fat.

    If they’re like Mike, they’ll soon be waiting for you at the treadmill whenever they feel like taking a walk!

    #2: Dog Runner (Large) Treadmill

    “Best large dog treadmill”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 242 pounds
    • Dimensions - 67" L X 23" W X 33.5" H
    • Running area - 55" L x 17" W
    • Product Weight - 133 pounds
    • Motor – 1.75 to 2.0 HP
    • Running speed – 0.62 to 7.5 MPH
    • Belt thickness – 0.06 inches
    • Running plate thickness – 0.6 inches
    • Warranty – 2 years warranty

    My thoughts on the Dog Runner Large treadmill:

    I have to say this thing is great. It’s an absolute machine. If you’ve got a big, active dog, then this may be the right treadmill for your needs.

    With a maximum load of 242 pounds, you can let your Saint Bernard, Mastiff, Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Great Dane, Leonberger, and other similarly large breeds, exercise without worrying the treadmill is going to break down!

    The quality on this machine is great. It’s not lightweight by any means, so you’d most likely need to pay extra for shipping (right now it says shipping costs $300 – ouch!). But then again, price shouldn’t be an issue for most large dog breed owners.

    I mean, you already know big dogs require a lot more maintenance than small dogs. If you want good health for your pet, then this a worthwhile investment.

    This machine is great for giving your pets a healthy lifestyle. It’s got a powerful 2.0 HP motor and the side panels aren’t flimsy like the ones on the dogPACER LF 3.1. This means you need not be afraid your dog is going to fall off the side and injure himself in the process.

    However, this machine is far from perfect. I like the build quality and all that, but I think some of you will expect this treadmill to have an incline setting just like the cheaper dogPACER LF 3.1. Unfortunately, there’s no adjustable incline for this model.

    If you want a treadmill from Dog Runner that has an incline adjustment, you’d need to go for the more expensive options like the Dog Runner XL (all editions) or the Dog Runner Pro.

    Lastly, the running surface is a bit of a disappointment, too. It’s only 4.5 feet whereas the much cheaper dogPACER LF 3.1 has a 6-foot running surface. Don’t get me wrong, 4.5 feet is enough for dogs to run in, but generally, the more space there is, the better the experience usually is.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Can accommodate large dogs up to 242 pounds!
    • Sturdy, high-quality materials used so you can rest assured this isn’t going to breakdown mid-exercise
    • Pre-programmed exercise modes
    • Manual adjustment of speed is possible up to 7.5 MPH
    • Emergency stop mechanism
    • Powerful motor (1.75 to 2.0 HP)


    • Running surface is a bit short at 4.5 feet
    • Non-adjustable incline
    • A bit pricey for some but I think it’s justified by good quality

    CONCLUSION: Is the Dog Runner Large treadmill a good buy?

    If you have a large dog and you can afford the price, then I would highly recommend this machine.

    It’s a sturdy large dog treadmill, so you know the manufacturer didn’t scrimp down on costs to save some money.

    Quality comes at a price, and this machine is a prime example of this. If you're on the fence, then the two-year warranty should help put your mind at ease.

    #3: GoPet PR725 Large Breed Treadmill

    “Most secure large dog treadmill”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 176 pounds
    • Dimensions - 90" L X 24" W X 16" H
    • Running area - 71" L x 16" W
    • Product Weight - 137 pounds
    • Running speed – 1 to 10 MPH
    • Warranty – 1 year warranty

    My thoughts on the GoPet PetRun PR725 Large Breed Treadmill:

    This treadmill came pretty close to overtaking the Dog Runner Large treadmill as the best treadmill for large dog breeds.

    I found the running area (6 feet) to be much better than Dog Runner Large’s 4.5 feet. And the metal gate at the sides are pretty useful, too.

    In fact, it’s the most secure side railing out of all the treadmills I’ve reviewed in this article. No one’s going to mistake it for being flimsy.

    So, if you’ve got an elderly dog who may be getting on in years and you’re worried about him falling off while exercising, then this may be the right choice for you.

    Now, if you’ve got active dogs who like to run at top speeds, then this GoPet PR725 treadmill is going to be ideal for your dogs. Why?

    Because this one can go up to 10 miles an hour! That’s fast for a dog – and this is one of the fastest ones in the market today.

    Other treadmills for large dogs have a max speed of 7.5 MPH, but this one really takes the cake. So, keep this in mind if you’ve got high-energy dogs who absolutely love to run!

    On the other side of the coin, however, some pet owners may not like the fact that the lowest speed setting on this machine is 1.0 MPH. FYI, other treadmills can go as slow as 0.5 MPH.

    So, if you’ve got a dog with bad knees or is recovering from an illness or can’t run for some reason, then it’s best for you to look elsewhere.

    To be honest, if you’ve got a dog in this situation, a dog-powered treadmill (such as a treadwheel) may be a better fit for your pet.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Max dog weight capacity – 176 lbs
    • Metal side railing or enclosure so your dog doesn’t accidentally fall off
    • Adjustable speed up to 10 MPH
    • Running space up to 6 feet
    • Remote control with emergency safety stop
    • Incline adjustment


    • Lowest speed setting is 1 MPH which may be too fast for some dogs
    • May be over the budget for some pet owners

    CONCLUSION: Is the GoPet PetRun PR725 Large Breed Treadmill a good buy?

    Yes, this large dog treadmill is a good buy for many reasons. As long as your dog can handle at least 1.0 MPH walking or running speed, then this is a good investment.

    I especially love the metal side railings – you need not be afraid of your dog falling off the sides.

    Of course, it’s a bit on the expensive side but the quality on this thing is top notch. So, if your wallet can handle the price, don’t be afraid to go for it!

    #4: GoPet Treadwheel (Large)

    “Best low-impact treadmill for medium to large dogs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 150 pounds
    • Dimensions - 70″H x 35″D x 65″W
    • Running area - 60" L x 20" W
    • Product Weight - 200 pounds
    • Warranty – 1-year warranty

    My thoughts on the GoPet Treadwheel for Large Dog Breeds

    This looks like a giant dog hamster wheel, doesn’t it? It reminds me of my pet hamster from when I was a kid. Whenever I came home from school, I found it relaxing to watch my hamster run on its wheel.

    So, if you want an oversized hamster (a.k.a. your dog) running on a similar wheel, then consider buying this GoPet Treadwheel.

    Now, this thing is going to be massive. So, if you don’t have the space in your home, then a more traditional dog treadmill may be better suited for you.

    I like the fact that this dog exercise equipment is powered by – surprise! - the dog itself. This means they can walk as slow as they like or run like their life depends on it!

    So, if you’re conscious about your carbon footprint or you want to save up on your electric bill a bit, then this treadwheel will be right up your alley!

    Also, this is supposed to be easier on your pet’s joints, a.k.a. it’s a low-impact exercise machine. GoPet uses a thick matted surface which absorbs the impact and reduces the tear and wear on your dog’s joints.

    So, essentially, you’ll be hitting 2 birds with one stone – you’ll be saving on electricity and future vet bills!

    And because it’s a ‘green’ machine, it’s not noisy. At all. Even if you live in an apartment building with thin walls, your neighbors aren’t going to complain about you to the landlord. 

    Lastly, I like the fact that there’s a training door which keeps the dog inside. This is very useful when the dog’s just getting used to the machine. It keeps them safe and secure inside.

    Later on, when they’ve outgrown the training door, you can remove it so your dog can get on and off whenever they like!

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Best for large dogs up to 150 pounds
    • Low-impact exercise for your dogs so it’s not hard on their knees and joints
    • Green-energy exercise because your dog powers it
    • Safety enclosure so your dog doesn’t accidentally fall on the side
    • Matted surface helps prevent injury to your dog’s pads
    • No motor to run it so it’s not loud at all!
    • Great for both indoors and outdoors


    • Significantly larger than regular treadmills
    • More expensive than other treadmills but you do get to save on your electric bill

    CONCLUSION: Is the GoPet Treadwheel for Large Dog Breeds a good buy?

    Absolutely! I’m a big believer in the ‘green’ movement and I support it whenever I can.

    The only reason I chose the dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill for my labrador, Mike, is because this thing is way out of my budget.

    But if you have the money to spend AND the space in your home, then this dog-powered treadmill is a solid investment!

    #5: GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Treadmill

    “Best treadmill for extra large dogs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 264 pounds
    • Dimensions - 100" L X 34" W X 20" H
    • Running area - 98" L x 25" W
    • Product Weight - 273 pounds
    • Running speed – 1 to 10 MPH
    • Maximum dog weight load – 264 pounds
    • Warranty – 1-year warranty

    My thoughts on the GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Treadmill:

    There’s not too many people who have dogs that are more than 200 pounds. But if you’re one of the lucky ones, then this may be the perfect giant dog exercise equipment.

    This treadmill is solidly built. It’s made by a company with a good track record in dog treadmills. And the price is more than justified by the quality and workmanship that went into this product.

    A giant dog’s needs are different from a small breed. Yes, they’re usually gentle giants, but they still need the exercise. If you as a pet parent can’t afford to take them out for a run every single day, then it’s time to make the purchase.

    As you probably know, giant dogs have shorter life spans than their smaller counterparts. If you want to maximize your time with them, you need to make sure they’re as healthy as they can possibly be. And one of the ways to do that is by making sure they get plenty of exercise.

    Now, there’s not too many treadmills out there that can accommodate giant dogs. But I can guarantee this is one of the best treadmills for giant or extra-large dogs.

    With a running area of 8.1 feet by 2 feet, your gentle giant won’t feel constricted walking on this thing.

    As you can see on the image, the metal side railings are going to prevent your fur baby from accidentally falling over on the side.

    This thing can go as fast as 10 MPH, so if you’ve got a dog that loves to run in wide open spaces, they may love the speed on this thing. Of course, as with all the other treadmills in this article, this also has an emergency stop button.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Can handle dogs up to 264 pounds
    • Running area is a whopping 8.1 feet
    • Remote control available
    • Emergency safety stop
    • Can run up to 10 MPH
    • Relatively quiet machine
    • Adjustable incline


    • This thing is heavy at 273 pounds, and shipping weight can go as high as 425 pounds!
    • Some may say it’s prohibitively expensive

    CONCLUSION: Is the GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Treadmill a good buy?

    If you’ve already invested in a big dog, then this is the next big investment you need to make. It can help free up your time, so if you’re busy and can’t always take your gentle giant out for a walk, then buy this for them.

    Giant dogs have giant hearts – make them love you even more by letting them live an active lifestyle - both indoors and outdoors!

    SECTION II: The Best Dog Treadmills For SMALL to MEDIUM Breeds (55 lbs below)

    #1: dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

    #2: PetZen’s DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill

    #3: GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill

    #4: GoPet Treadwheel for Small Dogs

    #5: Shelandy Pet Treadmill

    • Max dog weight – 55 pounds
    • Walking surface – 3.1 feet
    • Pre-programmed exercises
    • 0.1 MPH increments in speed up to 7.5 MPH
    • 4.5-degree incline

    Price: $$$

    • Max dog weight – 30 pounds
    • Walking surface – 2.4 feet
    • Pre-programmed exercises
    • Speed goes from 0.3 to 5.0 MPH
    • Flip bar to change incline

    Price: $$

    • Max dog weight – 44 pounds
    • Walking surface – 2.3 feet
    • Metal side railings
    • Manual speed adjustment up to 8 MPH
    • Low running platform

    Price: $$$$

    • Max dog weight – 25 pounds
    • Walking surface – 3.3 feet
    • Low-impact equipment
    • Powered by your pet
    • Speed will depend on your pet

    Price: $$$$

    • Max dog weight – not stated
    • Walking surface – 3.3 feet
    • Manual speed adjustment from 0.5 to 7.5 MPH
    • Auto power off safety system

    Price: $$

    #1: dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

    “Best overall treadmill for small to medium dogs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 55 pounds
    • Dimensions - 42″L x 21.5″H x 28.5″
    • Running area - 38" L x 16" W
    • Product weight – 61 pounds
    • Running speed – 0.5 to 7.5 MPH (with 0.1 MPH increments)
    • Incline – 4.5 degrees
    • Electric – 110V (important for warranty)
    • Warranty – 1 year on parts and craftsmanship, and lifetime warranty for frame

    My thoughts on the dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill:

    This treadmill may have been out in the market for a few years now. But as far as the FurBabyGuide team is concerned, it’s still the best treadmill for small and medium dogs.

    This dogPACER is sold at an affordable price. It’s got a solid warranty from the manufacturer (for 110V markets only though). And it’s great at keeping pets fit and healthy!

    It’s also portable at only 61 pounds. This isn’t a bulky machine like its bigger sibling, the dogPACER LF 3.1, which is meant to be used by big dogs.

    You can place this anywhere in your house, and a healthy human adult should be able to lift up this 61-pound pet-walking machine easily.

    The good thing is since this is quite a small treadmill, you can let your cat run on this as well (if you’ve got a brave enough one, that is).

    Also, if you’ve got two small dogs, they can run together too since the running area is a spacious 38” by 16”.

    It helps that there’s a side panel, but it’s not made of the strongest material. If you’re looking for a metal gate or railing to prevent side falls, then this isn’t the right treadmill for your pets.

    The good thing is that you can set the speed to the slowest setting (0.5 MPH) – this should help prevent accidents.

    For dogs with boundless energy, the highest speed setting of 7.5 MPH should suffice their running needs. If you were running alongside your dog at this pace, you’d find yourself out of breath in a few minutes.

    Fortunately, this motorized treadmill isn’t going to get tired – as long as it’s connected to a power source!

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Can handle dogs up to 55 pounds
    • Adjustable speed by 0.1 MPH increments so it’s great for even the tiniest adult dog!
    • Portable because it’s relatively light at only 61 pounds
    • LCD display
    • Pre-programmed exercise programs are available


    • Non-adjustable incline
    • No warranty offered for 220V markets
    • Side railing is a bit flimsy

    CONCLUSION: Is the dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill a good buy?

    Oh, absolutely! Like I mentioned earlier, the dogPACER is priced fairly and competitively. It brings a lot of value for the price, and most pet owners are quite satisfied with their purchase.

    Don’t believe me? Well, go ahead and click on the button below to check the latest price and read what other people say about it!

    #2: DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill

    “Best treadmill for small dogs under 30 lbs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 30 pounds
    • Dimensions - 44″L x 21″H x 20″W
    • Running area - 29" L x 14" W
    • Product weight – 47 pounds
    • Running speed – 0.3 to 5.0 MPH
    • Manual incline via flip-bar – 0% and 14% options
    • Warranty – 90-day parts and craftsmanship warranty

    My thoughts on the DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill:

    I’m not going to mince words here – this is a fantastic treadmill. From the materials used to making this thing, the technology, and the detail that went into designing this treadmill, DogTread (a.k.a. PetZen Products) did a terrific job.

    But, and this a BIG but, I find the short 90-day warranty to be a bit concerning. Other pet treadmill manufacturers are giving one-year or two-year warranties, but DogTread is... well, taking a different route.

    Their Amazon listing states one-year warranty (click the button below to see the listing). But if you check their warranty policy on their website, you’ll see they only offer 90 days for the small treadmill (model PZ1701 which is this exact model).

    In fact, they even state they no longer service this particular model. The good news is they will replace a defective one as long as you contact them within 90 days.

    That said, this might be a big turn-off for some pet owners. However, if you’re willing to look beyond that, then you’ll find this to be a great treadmill for small dogs.

    I especially like how small and portable it is (thanks to the wheels up front), and how you can easily store this in your closet.

    The lowest speed setting is only 0.3 MPH so this is great news for pet owners with elderly dogs that can only walk really slowly.

    Just like other similar treadmills, it’s also got pre-programmed exercises in it. But unlike others, this treadmill gives you the option to create your own program. 

    There's also a safety start and stop button like the other treadmills here in this article. The remote control though is a great addition too that I think most pet owners will appreciate.  

    Lastly, I like the fact that there’s a recessed treat holder in the front. It will help motivate your dog to start walking... and walking… and walking.. trying to get the treat. Before you know it, they’ll be hopping on to the treadmill trying to grab more treats this way.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Transportation wheels at the front helps you move the treadmill around
    • Space-saving design means you can store this vertically on a closet
    • Programmable time and distance
    • LCD display and remote control
    • Manual incline options
    • Manual speed adjustments from 0.3 to 5.0 MPH  
    • Most affordable treadmill in this article


    • Relatively short running area (only 29”) so if you have medium-sized dogs, get a bigger treadmill
    • Short warranty

    CONCLUSION: Is the DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill a good buy?

    Yes, this is actually a good buy because it’s an awesome mini treadmill for dogs. But only if you’re willing to turn a blind eye/ignore/forgive the short 90-day warranty.

    It’s got all the necessary features your dog needs to get some quality exercise every single day – and it’s priced very affordably, too.

    This machine also has a bunch of features that will help make your life easier – the remote control, the portability, the overall quality, etc.

    The first 90 days are going to be a challenge for sure. But if you make it beyond that, then there’s a pretty good chance your dog will be able to use this for many, many years.

    #3: GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill

    “Best treadmill for medium dogs up to 44 lbs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 44 pounds
    • Dimensions - 47″L x 12″H x 26″W
    • Running area - 28" L x 16" W
    • Product weight – 63 pounds
    • Running speed – 1 to 8 MPH
    • Warranty – 1 year

    My thoughts on the GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill:

    Out of all the treadmills I’ve reviewed in this article, this one actually has the lowest platform. This means it’s easier for your pet to climb aboard – for toy breeds, this is a godsend! But even for bigger-sized dogs, the low platform is also a nice feature.

    The metal railing on the side can’t exactly stop them from falling over (it’s set too low, I think). But since the platform is just a couple of inches off the ground, falling off shouldn’t be a painful experience.

    The running area is a good width at 16 inches, but I think it could have been a few inches longer. I mean the DogTread PZ1701 is good for pups up to 30 lbs, but the running area is 29 inches long.

    This GoPet PR700, on the other hand, is good for dogs up to 44 lbs, but the running area is only 28 inches. So, yeah, I think GoPet should have added extra inches to the running area.

    Also, I like how the max speed is 8 MPH. This is perfect for dogs who really love to run. However, if you’ve got an elderly dog or one that’s recovering from an illness, then you might find the 1 MPH lowest speed setting to be a bit too fast.

    Of course, it will depend on your dog’s ability and health. But for the most part, I think 0.5 MPH should be the minimum for treadmills targeted at small to medium dogs (shorter legs, you know).

    While an LCD display isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s a pretty useful addition. Other cheaper treadmills have it, so I don’t see why GoPet didn’t add one to this particular model.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Dolly wheels are great for moving this treadmill around the house
    • Remote control
    • Max speed of 8 MPH
    • Metal eyelet up front so you can attach a toy


    • No incline adjustment
    • Lowest speed setting is 1MPH
    • No LCD display

    CONCLUSION: Is the GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill a good buy?

    Yes, I think this treadmill is a pretty good buy. If you have a dog that’s got short legs (Chihuahuas come to mind), they’ll love the low platform.

    I also like that there’s a one-year warranty included in your purchase, so you’ve got peace of mind for a whole year.

    If you don’t mind the lack of LCD display, then you’ll find this treadmill to be a good buy for your fur baby.

    #4: GoPet Treadwheel for Toy Breeds / Small Dogs

    “Best doggie treadmill for small dogs under 25 lbs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - 25 pounds
    • Dimensions - 44″H x 30″D x 40″W
    • Running area - 40" L x 12" W
    • Product Weight - 42 pounds
    • Warranty – 1-year warranty

    My thoughts on the GoPet Treadwheel for Small Dogs / Toy Breeds:

    To be honest, my opinion on this treadwheel is going to be pretty much the same as its larger sibling, the GoPet Treadwheel for Large Dog Breeds.  

    It’s a much smaller version, obviously, at only 42 pounds (as opposed to 200 pounds for the large model). So, this is great if you’ve only got limited space in your home.

    Also, as I’ve stated in my earlier review of the large model, I’m a fan of green technology. And this dog-powered machine is certainly ‘green.’

    There’s no need to set it down next to a power supply. In fact, you can bring this outside your home and let your dogs run outside!

    Once your dog gets the hang of using this machine, they can simply hop on anytime they feel like exercising. You don’t even need to be in the house.

    So, if you’ve got hyperactive dogs and you stress out whenever you need to leave them indoors, then this treadwheel just may be the answer to your prayers.

    Of course, you’d need to get them trained up first and used to being on the treadwheel. That may take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before they finally get the hang of it. But for the most part, most pets get acclimated to this machine pretty quickly. 

    Also, this machine isn’t limited to dogs. If you’ve got cats (the non-lazy kind, haha), then they’ll absolutely love getting on this machine, too!

    Just be careful though, while it’s perfectly fine for your cats to get on this treadwheel, there’s a real danger of them getting stuck on the side gate. So, better keep an eye on your felines. After all, this product is made with dogs in mind, not cats.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Stable design so you need not worry about your pets exercising while you’re away
    • Low-impact exercise so it’s great for dogs with bad knees
    • Green-energy machine because it’s dog-powered!
    • Matted surface helps protect your pet’s paws


    • More expensive than regular treadmills

    CONCLUSION: Is the GoPet Treadwheel for Small Dogs / Toy Breeds a good buy?

    Yes, especially if you’re a fan of green tech like me. Sure, you may need to spend a lot of money upfront, but that’s about it. You don’t need to worry about paying extra on your electric bill.

    This is the perfect doggie treadmill for small dogs because they can get on the equipment anytime they like!  

    #5: Shelandy Pet Treadmill

    “A good mini treadmill for small dogs”

    Technical Specifications:
    • Max dog weight - not stated
    • Dimensions - 11″H x 27″D x 52″W
    • Running area - 40" L x 17" W
    • Product Weight - 76 pounds
    • Warranty – 1-year warranty

    My thoughts on the Shelandy Pet Treadmill:

    On paper, this treadmill looks good. It’s got an LCD display, a bar to tie your dog’s leash to, variable speed control, and a good enough running area at 40 inches long. I also like that you can adjust the incline level.

    The auto-power off function after 30 minutes of use can either be a pro or a con. It’s a pro if, for any reason, you forget the treadmill’s still running and your dog has long since stepped off the belt. (Again, always keep a close eye on your dog’s treadmill sessions).

    However, I’d say this feature is a con if you’ve got multiple dogs and you need to keep walking over to the treadmill to turn it back on every half-hour!

    Also, I think the hole-y side panels may lead to some accidents. For instance, your dog’s claws can get stuck on there if they try to claw their way off the treadmill. This scenario may feel a bit like it’s a scene from the movie Final Destination, but you never know with pets, right?

    They can get into all sorts of messes and if you’re not paying attention, they can somehow get stuck on that side panel. Personally, I would prefer a more solidly-constructed side panel.

    Summary of the Pros and Cons:


    • Running area is okay for small pets
    • Can adjust the incline
    • Auto power off after 30 minutes
    • Running speed from 0.5 to 7.5 MPH
    • LCD display


    • Pet can get caught in hole-y side panel

    CONCLUSION: Is the Shelandy Pet Treadmill a good buy?

    I’m actually on the fence about this treadmill. Like I said, the specs look good enough on paper.

    This is an okay treadmill, but if I’m being honest, not one of the best dog treadmills out there. When you compare it with others, you’ll realize it doesn’t offer nearly the same value.

    It’s also not even the cheapest option on this list (that honor goes to the DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill). 

    If you’re looking for a treadmill from a reputable manufacturer with a solid track record, I’d suggest you look at dogPACER, DogTread, GoPet Treadmill, or the GoPet Treadwheel.

    SECTION III: Buying Guide On How To Choose The Best Treadmill For Dogs

    In this section, I’m going to discuss how you can go about looking for the best treadmill for your dogs. As you very well know, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Well, let me help you out. Scroll through the questions below and read what you want to know!

    Question #1: Are dog treadmills a good idea?

    Question #2: What are the benefits of buying a dog treadmill (for both you and your dog)?

    Question #3: What features should you look for when buying a dog treadmill?

    Question #4: How do I get my dog to use the treadmill?

    Question #5: Can dogs use human treadmills?

    Question #6: How long should a dog be on a treadmill?

    Question #7: Is it cruel to put a dog on a treadmill?


    Treadmills are useful, yes, but they’re not the only way to exercise your dog. They’re also not cheap. Going out for a walk or run is always going to be more fun and more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

    But alas, the weather - and life in general - won’t always cooperate with you. So, on those days when you’re stuck indoors, remember that a treadmill (or treadwheel) is always an option. I’ve recommended 10 of the best dog treadmills nowadays - it’s up to you to buy the perfect one for your pet.  


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