cute pups are hard work, they need a playpen

Are Puppy Playpens Worth It?

Puppies naturally have higher energy than they do later in life. Their energy levels help them learn new things, but can get them into trouble at some point. So, how do you make sure they are safe while getting used to their new environment? Weighing in the pros and cons … Read more

is adopting an older dog a good idea

Is Adopting an Older Dog a Good Idea?

A dog that is around seven years old is considered senior according to veterinarians. However, the dog’s size may affect this categorization as small breeds tend to mature slower than large breeds. If you’re thinking of adopting a senior pup at the shelter, there are some important things you need … Read more

yes, a puppy is hard work

Is Getting A Puppy Hard Work?

Puppies are cute, adorable, warm, and playful companions that animal lovers can’t resist. There’s nothing about them that you won’t love. However, welcoming a new puppy in your home is not easy if you’re not ready. You have to understand that they need to be housetrained before you can trust … Read more

featured image for the foods that dogs can and cannot eat

Top 10 FAQs on Foods That Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Alright, so for this article, we’re going to go straight to the point and answer the top 10 most asked questions on the foods that dogs can and cannot eat! Let’s begin! Can dogs eat lettuce? Dogs can safely eat lettuce including iceberg, arugula, and romaine varieties. This green leafy … Read more

Thinking of Getting a Dog? Here Are the Pros and Cons

One of the big decisions you can make in your life is to get a pet. The emotional perks from owning a dog are undeniable, but you also need to consider their needs such as time, training, and understanding. However, the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding … Read more

Help! I’m Allergic To My Dog – What Should I Do?

Choosing the right dog and taking it home is often a happy and fulfilling time for most pet owners. But when trouble strikes in the form of allergic reactions whenever your new dog comes near you, that happy decision can quickly take a turn. But an allergy to dogs doesn’t … Read more

Is It Okay to Apply Sunscreen on Dogs?

We all know the dangers of sun exposure and sun damage, which is why we are taught to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays with sunscreen. But if you’re heading for a beach trip this summer, you may be wondering: what about my dog? Are dogs at risk for sun … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Using Coconut Oil on Your Dog

There is never a shortage of new health trends for dogs that people swear by. A trend that has recently resurfaced is the use of coconut oil on dogs. From increasing energy levels or keeping their skin healthy, there are so many claims online about how coconut oil can help … Read more

Giving Fruits to Dogs: The Good & The Bad

Giving fruits to your dog may not seem like an obvious thing to do, but many experts agree that fruit is safe and can even be beneficial to your dog. That’s because fruits are natural, sweet, and full of useful vitamins. But that doesn’t mean you should start stuffing your … Read more