DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer Review: Backed by Lifetime Warranty

The DoggyRide Mini Pet Trailer At A Glance

We like:

  • Sunroof that gives your dog an awesome view
  • Doggie door with pouch and water bottle pocket
  • Triangular interior safety leash
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Quick release wheels
  • Meets ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • Safety flag and reflectors that you need to screw in the back

We don't like:

  • Need to pay extra for the cushioned mat

Pet trailer specifications:

  • Max load: 55 lbs / 15-inch shoulder height
  • Interior dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 15 x 22 inches
  • Item weight: 22 pounds
  • Wheel size: 12.5 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Summary of our detailed DoggyRide Mini Trailer review:

This pet trailer may be a bit more expensive than its closest competitors, but there’s a good reason why. It’s made of superior, top-quality materials that actually meets (and even exceeds) ASTM standards. You don’t need to worry about the trailer (and your pet) tipping over on sharp turns. This is a safe and pet-friendly trailer.

When it comes to choosing the best pet bike trailer for your dog (or cat), the first thing you need to consider is their safety. Price matters, yes, but not if it comes at the cost of your pet’s safety.

That said, the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer offers a nice balance between affordability and pet safety. The whole team here at thinks it’s a solid investment for pet parents.

Advantages of the DoggyRide Mini Trailer

Favorite feature #1: Solid and high-quality materials used

DutchDog Design is the company behind DoggyRide pet bike trailers. In addition to offering a limited lifetime warranty on their products, they also have a 100% non-toxic product policy.

I find it absolutely amazing that this company did not scrimp on materials to maximize their profits. They use materials that will not harm your pet or the environment and it’s very much commendable. The company guarantees that their product meets or even exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Favorite feature #2: Quick-fold frame with quick-release wheels

Cycling with a pet trailer behind you may not be ideal for traveling long distances. Fortunately, this trailer is easy enough to fold and store in your car’s compartment.

All you have to do is just release a single locking pin and detach the wheels, and you’ll have the trailer all folded up and ready for transport!

Unfolding and re-assembling it will also be a quick and painless process (no additional tools necessary).

Favorite feature #3: Fabric mesh with plastic screen to protect pet from elements

The front window has a dual layer screen – there’s a fabric mesh with plastic screen on top of it. For your pet’s safety, it’s best to let the fabric mesh down and secure the clear plastic screen using the elastic band at the top.

This way, your dog gets to enjoy the view as well as the breeze whilst keeping all the bugs out. When you get caught in the rain, you can roll down the plastic screen (and close the sunroof) to protect your dog inside.

Favorite feature #4: Sunroof for your dog’s riding pleasure

Dogs love sticking their heads out when riding a trailer. Some pet trailers have a wide open front panel which can lead to some safety issues, especially if the dog gets excited about something.

DoggyRide’s sunroof, on the other hand, will only allow your dog’s head out (for bigger dogs anyway) while keeping his body inside the cabin. This is obviously great for your pet’s safety.   

Favorite feature #5: Light and easy to pull around, but very stable at the same time

The DoggyRide Mini trailer is lighter than the Schwinn Rascal, but this is more spacious and can handle 5 more pounds than the Rascal. And unlike the Rascal, there have been very few reports of this thing tipping over.

In fact, during the course of my research, I only saw one owner saying her trailer tipped over when she made a turn at top speed. Most owners only had positive things to say about this trailer’s amazing stability. Obviously, common sense and defensive driving will go a long way to helping ensure your pet’s safety.

A Disadvantage

Disadvantage #1: The cushioned mat isn’t included in price

The vinyl floor is comfortable, but not as comfortable as a cushioned mat. Unfortunately, if you want to give your dog a luxurious riding experience, you’ll need to purchase the mat (it retails for a little over 20 bucks). In my opinion, the manufacturer could have added the mat for a minimal price. But I guess they think most dogs won’t actually need one.

Actual User Reviews

Here’s what other owners are saying about this pet trailer:

I’m really happy I decided to go with this pet trailer. My dog is now nearing 40 pounds and I wanted the best possible trailer at a good enough price. I was willing to spend a bit more as long as my dog’s safety is secured. Just like the other reviewers, I myself noticed the quality on this thing is so much better than others. There was no terrible smell when I opened the package (this is apparently common in carriers that use cheap materials). I’ve had this for 2 years now, and it’s extremely durable. I’ve had no issues bringing the trailer when I cycle off-road!
I was surprised to find out this thing is heavy! I’m a small woman and live in a hilly neighborhood. Going downhill is easy, but man, going uphill is a battle for me! I guess it’s not the pet trailer’s fault. But this DoggyRide already weighs 25+ pounds and my dog is 30 pounds, so I’m lugging almost 60 pounds uphill! Well, I decided to use this to my advantage. I now consider this my workout, and I try to use the trailer 2x or 3x a week, so I guess it’s great for my fitness goals! Helps me save my gym money, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the trailer waterproof?

It’s not exactly heavy-duty waterproof, but it can survive super light rain (more like a drizzle really). However, the moment it starts raining hard, your dog is going to get drenched, so better go look for some cover!

  • Can this trailer go for several miles?

Yes! This is a very sturdy trailer and can indeed go several miles in the right road conditions. Obviously, the wheels will last much longer if you use it on paved roads. But uneven and unpaved back roads will probably cause your tires to go flat. So, better bring extra tubes or extra tires, and a bike pump, obviously.

  • Can I fit 2 dogs in there?

If the dogs weight totals 55 pounds or below, and their shoulders are less than 15 inches, then they should have no problem fitting inside the trailer. Just make sure you secure both of them to the safety leash inside (may need to make some adjustments though).

  • How easy is it to assemble this?

The first time around, you’d need to read the manual. But the assembly time shouldn’t be too long because setting it up is really not that difficult. It will only get easier as you get used to using the trailer.

Should you buy the DoggyRide Mini Bike Trailer?

Honestly, this is one of the best pet trailers your money can buy right now. If your dog fits within the trailer’s weight and height requirement, then this is the trailer to get.

Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than similar trailers in the 50-lb category, but for what you’re getting in return, it’s not overpriced at all. It’s very much a fair price.

Throw in the limited lifetime warranty and superb customer support, and this trailer will give you peace of mind like no other! Quality, safety and security – these are three important things you and your fur baby is getting with this trailer.


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