GoPet PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill Review: Best For Small Dogs

The GoPet PR700 Toy Breed Treadmill At A Glance

We like:

  • Solid build quality
  • Remote control
  • Max speed of 8 MPH
  • Speed and timer control
  • Easy enough to move around the house
  • Low running platform

We don't like:

  • Lowest speed setting is a bit fast at 1.0 MPH
  • Can’t adjust the incline level
  • No LCD display

Treadmill specifications:

  • Max dog weight – 44 pounds
  • Dimensions - 47″L x 12″H x 26″W
  • Running area - 28" L x 16" W
  • Product weight – 63 pounds
  • Running speed – 1 to 8 MPH
  • Warranty – 1 year

Summary of our GoPet PetRun PR700 Treadmill Review:

This treadmill is great for small dogs up to 44 pounds. It’s quiet and the running platform is low enough for your pets to quickly climb aboard.

The running belt is a good width at 16 inches. But the length may not be long enough for medium-sized dogs (it’s only 28 inches). It’s built by GoPet, a trusted name in the pet treadmill industry, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Your fur baby’s health may suffer if you don’t take the time to exercise it. Taking your dog out to the park or letting it jog with you is a good idea, but sometimes the weather may not cooperate with your plans. So, you’re stuck indoors.

Fortunately, pet treadmills are just a couple of clicks away. And if your dog weighs less than 44 pounds, I highly recommend you check out this GoPet PR700. It’s one of the best doggie treadmill for small dogs right now. Here’s why:

Advantages of the GoPet Pet Run PR700 Treadmill

Favorite feature #1: Two small dogs can run at the same time

The running belt on this machine measures 28”L x 16”W. It’s wide enough and long enough for two small dogs to run comfortably at the same time. Of course, if you’ve got two medium-sized dogs, you’d better let them run one at a time. (Unless you want one of them to fall off). As you can see in the image above, the side railing is quite low.

Favorite feature #2: Low running platform

Unlike other small dog treadmills, this treadmill has a low enough platform. So, if something happens like they fall off the side, they're only going to be falling off a few inches. So, hopefully no serious injuries occur. Of course, it’s still best to err on the side of caution. Keep a close eye on your pet whenever they’re on the machine.

Favorite feature #3: Easy to move around

This treadmill features a couple of dolly wheels up front. If you want to move it somewhere, just lift it up on its hind legs and push it around like you would a wheelbarrow. I mean this machine isn’t too heavy at only 63 pounds. But the wheels are a nice addition, so you don’t risk breaking your back while trying to move it!

Favorite feature #4: One-year warranty

I like the fact that GoPet includes a one-year warranty for all their products. Some of their competitors (most notably PetZen’s DogTread treadmill for small dogs) have shorter warranties.

Of course, this means that this treadmill is going to be more expensive. But I guess that’s one of the trade-offs of having longer warranty vs shorter warranty.

Favorite feature #5: Remote control

There’s a handy remote control included in your purchase. This means you can sit a few feet away from your dog and just press the remote if you want to adjust the speed (it can go up to a max of 8.0 MPH). Again, always keep an eye on your pet even if you use the remote control as accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

A Few Disadvantages

This is a great treadmill with plenty of pros, but it’s got a couple of cons too.

Disadvantage #1: No incline adjustment

Just like the popular dogPACER Minipacer treadmill, this machine also has a fixed incline. Which is a bummer as at this price, this really should have been included. A simple flip-bar at the bottom (just like the one on the DogTread treadmill) would have been fine.

Disadvantage #2: Lowest speed setting is 1.0 MPH

Healthy dogs would have no issues with 1.0 MPH since this machine does feature a gradual start. However, elderly dogs and those coming off from injury may find 1.0 MPH to be a bit too fast for their liking.

FYI, the pet treadmill with the slowest speed setting is the DogTread treadmill at only 0.3 MPH, so you may want to check that out instead.

GoPet PR700 Treadmill Actual User Reviews

Here’s what other users say about this machine:

This is my second GoPet treadmill. The first one was the GoPet PR725 which was for my 2 rottweilers. However, I recently got a Yorkie and she hates the big treadmill. So, I went online to search for a doggie treadmill for small dogs, and guess what? I ended up buying this equipment! And I’m happy to say she’s absolutely loving this thing!
Well, I decided to get this thing right about this time last year. My dogs stayed indoor for the duration of winter. And I said to myself, this ain’t happening again next year. So, pet treadmill it is. I’m glad I chose this machine over the GoPet treadwheel (I know I can save electricity on that one) because that thing was huge. LOL. This thing is a bit smaller and fits nicely in my living room. Oh, and the dogs love this thing to pieces!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this machine quiet or noisy?

This is relatively quiet (it’s not as loud as a human treadmill, for instance). A low humming noise emanates from it, but my dogs don’t mind it at all. Of course, your dog may have a bit more sensitive hearing, so I guess there’s that. But overall, this is a pet-friendly, quiet treadmill. I guarantee your neighbors aren’t going to complain about it!

  • How difficult is it to set this thing up?

Very easy. Just remove it from the box and you’ll have it up and running in a few minutes (it comes pre-assembled).

  • Is there an LCD display?

Unfortunately, there’s no LCD display on this machine. But the push button controls and the remote control are perfectly fine for setting the speed on this thing. However, if an LCD is of utmost importance, go check out the dogPACER Minipacer or the Shelandy Pet Treadmill.

Should you buy the GoPet PR700 treadmill for toy breeds?

If you’ve got a toy breed dog, then yes, this is a very good buy. It’s made by GoPet, a reputable pet treadmill manufacturer. They bundle up a one-year warranty with every purchase, so this should help with your peace of mind.

The PR700 may be a bit pricey compared to the competition. But I think you’ll still get your money’s worth considering its build quality and the features included in this treadmill.


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GoPet Small Treadwheel Review: Best Exercise Wheel for Small Dogs

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