Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bike Basket Review: Safe and Stable

The Travelin K9 Pet-Pilox Max At A Glance

We like:

  • Engineered to accommodate dogs up to 20 pounds
  • Front air vent for max pet comfort
  • Patented “No Sway” handlebar mount
  • Side pockets are great
  • Rubber sleeves on basket protect handlebars
  • Plenty of color options!

We don't like:

  • No sunshade included
  • More expensive than competition

Pet basket specifications:

  • Max load: 20 pounds
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 16 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Item weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Material: Oxford  
  • Placement: Front mounting
  • Warranty: Check here

Summary of our Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Max Review:

This pet bike basket may be more expensive than other baskets on this list, but it’s for good reason. Its patented “No Sway” handlebar mount guarantees the basket’s stability on rides. So, your pet will actually love riding with you (and isn’t that why you’re searching for the best dog bike basket right now?)! Click the red button below for the latest pricing on this particular model.

One of the biggest concerns about dog bike baskets is that it can seriously limit your riding style. For one, you need to keep an eye out on the road whilst making sure your pet’s not going to fall off the basket.

Most bike baskets do have a leash holder, but in some cases, especially for heavier dogs, this may not be enough. Have a read through this article and find out why our team here at loves the Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Max!

Advantages of the Pet Pilot Max Basket

Favorite feature #1: Sturdy steel mount and frame

Other pet baskets are mostly stable when they’re carrying a small pup. But once the dog gets closer to the maximum supported weight, it starts swaying with every bump and turn.

If you’re one of those pet parents with a heavier pup who wants better stability, then this is the right pet bike basket for you. Travelin K9 has patented its secure and stable steel mount. The company’s actually confident enough to guarantee its mount is ‘Secure, stable, and rock solid.’

Favorite feature #2: “Best in class” weight support

It’s hard enough driving a bicycle with a dog in front. And the heavier the dog, the harder it is to steer and handle the bike. With Travelin K9’s patented mount, however, supporting a bigger dog becomes a whole lot easier.

Additional features that help support the extra weight are the following:

  • The steel handlebar attachment is extra thick.
  • The steel handle on the basket actually locks into the handlebar attachment.
  • There’s a safety strap that goes from basket to handlebars.
  • The mount support features a thick rubber cushion.

Of course, you’d still need to see for yourself if you need to make serious adjustments to your driving style to ensure safety.

Also, it’s important to mention that Travelin K9 specifically states that if your dog fits the compartment (16” x 13”), then the frame and mount will be able to support the dog’s weight.

Favorite feature #3: Front air vent

Your dog does get plenty of air from the open top. However, the front air vent is also a nice addition especially on hot, summer days. It cools your pet’s lower body, so they won’t feel like they need to stand up on the basket just to get some air. They can also get a front-facing view of the road.

Just take note, however, that on cold days you may want to add an extra blanket to cover the air vent.

Favorite feature #4: Spacious compartment with max storage space

Compared to the original Pet-Pilot basket, this Max version provides a lot more room for your pet. This allows smaller pets to stretch out, and bigger dogs to climb aboard.

Also, this basket features 2 side pockets which is fantastic for bringing along a water bottle, your dog’s leash, keys, toys, etc.

Favorite feature #5: 9 color options

The color options being referred to here are for the 6 reflective inserts or strips. They come in 3 shapes (triangle, short rectangle, and long rectangle). You’ll get a pair for each shape which totals to 6 inserts.

These inserts will obviously not change the overall look of the bag, but at least it gives your bag a nice highlight color instead of a pure black look.

When you order, you can select the color you like. But later on, if you want to switch to another color, you can always buy a Pet-Pilot color insert set for less than 2 bucks per set.

A Few Disadvantages

Here’s a few things I think Travelin K9 should improve in their next iteration of this basket:

Disadvantage #1: No sunshade

This is a bit surprising to be honest. Cheaper baskets like the Solvit Tagalongs (both wicker and deluxe versions) feature a removable sunshade. The Pet-Pilot Max cost nearly twice the price but lack this useful feature.

Disadvantage #2: Short warranty

Other manufacturer’s offer longer warranties. For instance, BarkBay offers a lifetime warranty, and Petsafe Solvit offers 1-year warranty on their products.

But for Travelin K9, they only accept returns and replacements on unused baskets. You also need to contact them within a few days of receiving the item. Here’s their return and refund policy:

  • Damage from shipping - within 5 days of receiving order.
  • Not for Us or Wrong Size - within 10 days of receiving order.
  • Broken or Defective - within 10 days of receiving order.

Actual User Reviews

Here’s what other users of the Pet-Pilot Max say about this awesome pet bike basket:

My dachshund weighs 19 pounds. I wanted to buy the Wicker tagalong basket from Solvit, but unfortunately, that basket can only handle dogs up to 13 pounds. So, I had to get this one. This may not look as good as the Wicker basket, but I’m happy to say my dog doesn’t really care about the looks. He actually likes this thing because it’s rock steady and he doesn’t bounce around whenever we go out for a quick bike ride. All in all, I’m happy with my investment!
I was thinking of getting the original Pet-Pilot, but since they released the Max version, I thought I’d get the bigger one. My dog is on the small side (only 12 pounds), but I didn’t want him to feel cramped inside, so I thought he could use the extra space. He doesn’t get jostled inside because I make sure the safety leash is short enough and attached to his harness. With the extra space, I’ve been able to put inside a couple of his favorite toys as well as a blanket for when the air turns a bit frigid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet-Pilot Max

  • How do you install this thing?

Well, it’s a bit complicated to be honest. Fortunately, they include an owner’s guide when they ship the basket to you. You can follow the illustrations, or you can check out this video:

  • My dog is 25 pounds, will he fit?

If he fits in a 16” x 13” box, then he should fit this basket. The company guarantees that their patented steel frame and mount system will support any dog’s weight provided they fit the basket comfortably.

  • Can this basket go in the back?

Unfortunately, this basket is designed for handlebar use only. This means the mount and bracket will only support the basket if it’s attached to the front.

  • Can 2 dogs ride on it?

Well, if they’re small enough, then yes. But the leash holder is only good for one dog, so you may need to get creative there.

Should you buy the Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Max Bike Basket?

Yes, I honestly believe this is a good investment for your money. It’s true that it’s more expensive than other baskets, but its stability and safety features are second to none. That alone is worth the extra dollars in my opinion.

Regarding the warranty, for as long as you make sure to check the basket upon receiving it, you should have no issues returning it or getting it replaced. Travelin K9 is, after all, a reputable company in the pet industry.


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