Are Puppy Playpens Worth It?

Puppies naturally have higher energy than they do later in life. Their energy levels help them learn new things, but can get them into trouble at some point. So, how do you make sure they are safe while getting used to their new environment? Weighing in the pros and cons of a puppy playpen can give you an idea if this is good or not.

What is a Puppy Playpen?

First things first, playpens are designed with wider spaces to allow puppies and dogs to play while doing some stretching. Unlike crates, they offer more room for walking, lying down, and doing other daily activities that puppies are meant for. However, the best thing about playpens is that they offer more visibility so you can easily check your pup even from afar.

Here’s an example:

example of playpen for pups
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You can place your puppy playpen inside or outside the house, depending on your space. Those made of plastic or wires are portable and easy to relocate whenever necessary. In addition, they can easily be assembled with adjustable panels to accommodate the growing size of your dog. To make your puppy more comfortable, you can put food, water, and even toys inside the playpen.

Why You Need a Puppy Playpen?

Basically, you don’t want your dog to destroy things in the house while making sure they are safe to play around whenever they want. This is where a dog playpen comes in handy. The playpen serves as a safe space for them to do whatever they want without compromising their health and the things around them.

But more importantly, playpens are an excellent method to confine the puppy while allowing them to use up their energy levels as a means of exercise. Plus, they won’t be running around your house and break something. Here are some of the advantages of using a puppy playpen at home:

  • Easy to set up. Playpens can be bought from a local pet shop or online. Most of these products are assembled so you can easily resize them when your puppy grows bigger. When shopping for a playpen, make sure to choose the expandable type so there’s no need to get a replacement once your dog has grown to its full size.

This portable fence can also be adjusted based on the space needed for the water and food vessels your puppy uses. An area can be used to place the bed for your pup including his toys and other stuff. Playpens can be assembled from plastic, wires, and canvas wood.

Another example of a portable indoor/outdoor playpen that you can buy on Amazon (click image to buy)
  • Wider space. Compared to crates, puppy playpens offer a wider space where they can freely run, play, and nap. There’s enough room for pet toys and other essentials including water and dog food. With all these in one place, your puppy will surely enjoy his growing-up period while feeling comfy and entertained.

With stronger materials, playpens are also perfect for outdoor use. When used outdoors, there will be more space for your dog to roam around and not get bored even when you’re not home. Additional panels can be installed to create a larger area for your dog.

  • No need for supervision. If you have other important things to do, you can leave your puppy in the playpen without having to worry about him. You are confident that your pooch will be safe, happy, and secure inside his playpen.

There are playpen models that are designed with cover to make sure your puppy won’t get out, especially when you’re not there to look after them. This is a perfect solution if you have a new puppy at home that is not yet used to the surroundings.

Puppy playpens are good idea in terms of providing safe and secure space for new puppies. You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings and other things at home are safe from destruction. Another advantage is that playpens are helpful when there are expected visitors in your house, especially kids who are not comfortable with dogs around.

yes, a puppy is hard work
These good bois need a playpen!

Are There Drawbacks from Puppy Playpens?

If there are advantages, then certainly there are also some drawbacks to expect when you decide to use a puppy playpen. For instance, this may not be a good idea during your dog’s house training. The dog might find it hard to distinguish the bed from the bathroom since there’s a wider space.

Another drawback is that taller and bigger dogs can jump and escape from the fence so easily. If your dog can get out anytime, then it’s useless to build a playpen. It will surely take time to keep your pup from escaping the fence, so you need to be patient during this period. Therefore, it’s important to consider your dog’s size and breed when choosing a playpen so that there would be no problem once you put him in.

Key Takeaways

Dog playpens are a great idea for pets who love to dig and trash the yard. If you’re working outside the house, you can simply put your dog inside the pen so you can focus on your task. Use secure fastenings to make sure the playpen stays in place even if your puppy tries to get out.

Moreover, never put the playpen under direct sunlight because extreme heat can make your puppy sick and dehydrated. Instead, you can set up the pen in a shaded area in the yard to allow your dog to move around without any discomfort.

Overall, getting a puppy playpen is a good idea because it keeps your pup safe while playing freely. It’s also easy to assemble both for indoor and outdoor use. Dogs in their playpen can see everything so they won’t feel alone or bored even if they are kept inside all day.

Now, have you decided to get a playpen for your new pup at home? For sure, you will enjoy all the benefits of puppy playpen, especially when keeping your house clean and organized. Plus, it helps strengthen your bond with your pooch while they get the sense of freedom which is important for puppies.

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