Severin BC7058 Review: Best Bagged Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

The Severin BC7058 Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner At A Glance

We like:

  • Switchable universal floor head
  • Swirl NeutralizAir technology binds smells to dust bag
  • HEPA 14 active carbon filter
  • Soft sound design
  • Premium accessories included in the package
  • We don't like:

    • Cord is a bit too short
    • Could have added LED lights at this price point

    Vacuum specifications:

    • Cord length: 20 feet
    • Hose length: 6 feet
    • Vacuum weight: 22.6 pounds
    • Product dimensions: 22.9 x 14.9 x 13.9 inches
    • Canister: Bagged
    • Filtration: HEPA 14 active carbon filter
    • Warranty: Two years

    Summary of our detailed Severin BC7058 Vacuum Review:

    This German-made vacuum will not disappoint. It provides good suction strength (with multiple levels) and the manufacturer has thrown in a bunch of premium accessories for free, too.  This is perfect for pet owners who are looking for a high-quality vacuum at mid-range price.

    I hope when you finish reading this review, you'll agree with my assessment that this is indeed the best bagged canister vacuum for pet hair. 

    Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a pet-friendly vacuum. But it doesn’t mean you need to settle on a cheap, plasticky vacuum that’s probably only good for a couple of uses.

    If you’ve never heard of Severin, it’s a popular German brand that specializes in manufacturing home appliances. And true to the hype and reputation of German brands, this ‘made in Germany’ vacuum cleaner is built to last for years!

    I checked out a couple of demo units at the mall, so I could write this in-depth review. Scroll down to find out if this vacuum will fit your needs!

    Advantages of the Severin BC7058 Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner

    Favorite feature #1: Active carbon HEPA 14 filter

    We’ve reviewed a number of other HEPA-filtered vacuums on this website. However, it’s worth noting that this Severin uses not just a regular HEPA filter. I mean, HEPA is obviously important in vacuums. But the manufacturer has chosen to use a next level HEPA filter that uses active carbon.

    Now, regular HEPA filters can trap up allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. 0.3 microns! That’s literally something you can’t see with your naked eye!

    The thing about regular HEPA filters is that they’re only great for absorbing and trapping particles like pet dander, dust, pollen, spores, and even molds. But they’re not exactly designed to absorb odors.

    That said, the Severin BC7058’s active carbon HEPA 14 filter absorbs odors with no problems. They call it the ‘Swirl NeutralizAir technology’ which binds the smells to the dust bag.

    Favorite feature #2: Soft sound technology

    A great majority of vacuums are noise polluters. Many of them are so loud that you probably ask yourself first if it’s absolutely necessary to use the vacuum to clean that tiny, dirty spot on the carpet. Or, if you’re better off just wiping it and manually picking up the dirt with your bare hands.

    When you get to this point, you know it’s bad. You NEED to get a new vacuum – one that’s actually quiet!

    Well, there’s not a lot of quiet vacuums on the market. But the Severin BC7058 is actually one of the rare, quiet ones! They’ve engineered ‘soft sound technology’ to muffle and reduce the vacuum’s noise.  

    Favorite feature #3: Plenty of pet-friendly accessories included

    At this price point, you’re probably expecting to get a bunch of freebies with your purchase. The good news is you’re not going to be disappointed with Severin’s offerings. Here’s all the accessories and attachments you get for free:

    • Switchable floor nozzle – there are 2 settings for this nozzle. Use setting #1 for vacuuming rugs and carpets, and setting #2 for cleaning smooth, hard floors.
    • XL hard floor nozzle – this is great for cleaning hard floors with joints and crevices.
    • XXL upholstery nozzle with claw collect system – use this to remove embedded pet hair in mattresses, couches, and other upholstery
    • Jet-Drive turbo brush -  use this to deep clean carpets and 
    • Furniture brush – great for brushing and cleaning furniture 
    • Crevice nozzle – useful for cleaning tight spaces and hard to reach spots 

    Favorite feature #4: Variable suction level control

    The Severin BC7058 Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner offers 4 different suction levels:

    • Minimum power – use on drapes and curtains
    • Moderate power – use on upholstered furniture
    • High power – use on not-so-dirty carpets and rugs
    • Maximum power – use on soiled carpets and hard floors with crevices

    Favorite feature #5: Excellent mid-range value for price!

    You know what’s really surprising about this vacuum? For me, it's the fact that it’s so affordable. It’s got a lot of features that can be found in high-end models.

    You’d be hard pressed to find another vacuum with the same set of features - at the same price – as this Severin BC7058!

    A Few Disadvantages

    Disadvantage #1: Cord length is a bit short

    I know, 20 feet is like a lot of cord for some people. But when you consider other vacuums that has 30 or 35 feet of cord, then 20 feet feels short. It's not fun having to drag around the entire vacuum just so you can reach a particular spot in your home. 

    Disadvantage #2: No LED lights 

    I think Severin missed a great opportunity by not adding LED lights to this model. It’s hard enough to locate tiny dust particles or loose pet hair that blends so well with the carpet. A LED light would have been a fantastic addition to this vacuum.

    Severin BC7058 Actual User Reviews

    We’ve compiled a bunch of reviews from actual users of the Severin BC7058:

    Well, firstly, let me just say I’ve been extremely pleased with my vacuum. I’ve had it for the last 2 years and I’ve never had a better vacuum in my entire life (I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but I’m serious). This cleaning machine is light, quiet, and powerful – all at the same time. It cleans what I want it to clean – my carpets and my wooden floors have benefited greatly from this Severin. The active carbon HEPA filter is great as well – my entire home smells and looks much better after a cleaning session!
    My old Hoover was loud as hell! Every time I turned that thing on my 2 cats would run away and hide in another room. But not with this vacuum. Now, when I power the Severin, my cats just stay put. They watch me as I clean the room, and even follow me around. I love that they love this little vacuum as well! 
    At first I wasn’t too sure about my purchase. I read the reviews and they were mostly positive, but I didn’t personally know anyone who actually owns this brand. But I decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway – I figured I could return it if I wasn’t too happy. 6 months later, I still have the vacuum with me. I use it every 2 or 3 days because my dogs shed like crazy and my allergies act up when there’s too many pet hair and dander floating around in the house. Now, I tell people all about this brand. I believe in it – it’s great value for the money! 

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Severin BC7058 Bagged Canister Vacuum

    • Are the dust bags replaceable?

    Yes, you can buy them from the Severin website or on Amazon. They’re not too expensive and they don’t fill up too quickly, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

    • Is the canister sealed?

    Yes, it is. You don’t need to worry about the dust getting out from the canister. As long as you use the prescribed dust bag, you shouldn't have issues with the canister seal. This is just one reason why we think this is the best bagged canister vacuum for pet hair nowadays!

    • Is this vacuum strong enough to pick up pet hair? Will it destroy my carpet?

    The Severin BC7058 has variable suction control. There’s a dial for you to adjust the suction strength. To answer your question, the vacuum will pick up pet hair even at minimum suction strength. As for your carpet, choose moderate or high suction, depending on how soiled the carpet is. 

    Should You Buy The Severin BC7058 Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner?

    Yes, I highly recommend this vacuum. This is a high-quality vacuum that’s being sold at a ridiculously low price. I honestly think the manufacturer made an error with their pricing. So, I suggest you take advantage of this ‘error’ before they realize they’ve underpriced such a powerful piece of cleaning technology!


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