PetZen’s DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill Review

The DogTread PZ1701 Treadmill At A Glance

We like:

  • Programmable time and distance
  • Manually adjust speed from 0.3 to 5.0 MPH
  • Space-saving design
  • Incline adjustment (0% and 14%)
  • LCD screen
  • Recessed treat holder

We don't like:

  • Relatively short running belt
  • Short warranty

Treadmill specifications:

  • Max dog weight - 30 pounds
  • Dimensions - 44″L x 21″H x 20″W
  • Running area - 29" L x 14" W
  • Product weight – 47 pounds
  • Running speed – 0.3 to 5.0 MPH
  • Manual incline via flip-bar – 0% and 14% options
  • Warranty – 90-day parts and craftsmanship warranty

Summary of our DogTread PZ1701 Small Dog Treadmill Review:

This treadmill is perfect for dogs up to 30 pounds. It’s solidly constructed, portable, space-saving, and compact - 4 qualities that most small dog owners will surely appreciate.

The warranty may be a bit short, but the manufacturer did this to allow them to reduce prices to more competitive rates. Weigh the pros and cons and see for yourself if the short warranty is something you can afford to live with.

Toy breeds aren’t meant to be toyed with. They’re living, breathing dogs, too. And just like their bigger cousins, they also need exercise.

Obviously, small dogs aren’t going to cover the same distance as big dogs because, well, they’ve got shorter legs. But it doesn’t stop them from walking or running.

If you can no longer fulfill their need for exercise, it’s best to get a pet treadmill for them. Now, there are treadmills that can work for both small and medium breeds.

But if your dog(s) weigh less than 30 pounds, then the DogTread PZ1701 may be the best option for you.

Advantages of the DogTread PZ1701 

Favorite feature #1: Programmable time and distance

I love the fact that this treadmill allows you to program the speed, distance, and time for your fur baby’s workout session.

If you only want him to exercise for 10 minutes at 0.5 MPH, you can program that on the LCD display. The machine will automatically stop working after the set time.

Of course, you should never be complacent and leave your dog alone. Even if you set the speed and time, ALWAYS keep an eye on your pet to prevent accidents.

Favorite feature #2: Whisper-quiet motor

Small dogs can get scared if there’s too much noise around them. Fortunately, this treadmill is quiet enough that dogs feel comfortable to get on it. It’s also got less vibrations (as opposed to bigger treadmills) so it helps with putting small dogs at ease.

Favorite feature #3: Manual incline option

There’s a flip-bar at the back which you can pull up to raise the incline from 0% (flat) to 14%. I think it’s a good enough incline for most small dogs – not too high and not too low. Just enough to get their heart rates up while they exercise and provide variety in their workouts!

Favorite feature #4: Lowest speed is only 0.3 MPH

I find this speed to be just perfect for toy breeds. Their small legs aren’t probably going to do too well if you get them running too fast, too soon. So, starting them at 0.3 MPH will help them get warmed up and you can then adjust the speed manually as needed.

Favorite feature #5: Compact and portable design

This is a small treadmill made for small dogs. It only weighs 47 pounds, so most adults should have no issues picking it up and moving it. It even has transport wheels so you can push and pull it around.

You can even store this machine vertically, too. Just pull it up and let it rest on its nose. This means you can store this behind the couch, door, or inside your closet!

A Few Disadvantages

Disadvantage #1: Relatively short running belt

I know you’re probably going to say small dogs don’t need long running belts. But I personally think that when dogs run, they need enough running space. 29 inches may be a bit short. They can slip off the belt when they get tired and can no longer keep up with the speed.

Disadvantage #2: Warranty could be longer

Some may say 90 days is fine for a warranty, and I’d normally agree. But when you consider the fact that competitors are offering 1 year or even 2-year warranties, 90 days is extremely short.

The good news is that the treadmill is reportedly sturdy. And many pet owners have had no problems with it even after a few years of near-daily use.

Actual User Reviews

Here’s what other users of the DogTread PZ1701 are saying about this wonderful treadmill:

I really like the fact that this treadmill is so compact. It makes my life so much easier as I live in a small apartment. I store this upright behind the closet, and when I get home from work, I set it down and let my beagle run for 15 to 30 minutes. Then I fold it back up and hide it again! It’s really great and my dog absolutely loves it!
The recessed treat holder on this machine has been a godsend! It keeps my pet motivated. I like to use a variety of treats, so he’s always interested and I get him to run for his reward. He’s been using this for over 6 months now and he only missed a couple days because we brought him camping outside of town.
My pug loves going to the park (it’s a 5-minute walk). But I’ve been so busy with a new baby and haven’t had much free time. My parents brought this small dog treadmill as a gift for him (don’t worry they got a gift for their new grandson too!). And he absolutely loves it. He jumps onto the treadmill when he wants to go for a walk, and he does this about 2 to 3 times a day. I love that he gets his exercise and I free up more time for my baby. When the baby gets older, I’ll make sure to take both of them out for walks often.

Frequently Asked Questions About The DogTread PZ1701

  • Can my 10-year old dog use this?

If your dog is relatively healthy, then it should have no issues walking on this mini treadmill. The slowest speed is a very senior-dog-friendly 0.3 MPH and the belt’s a pretty good shock absorber, so it should be fine for his knees.

  • My beagle is a bit overweight at 35 pounds. Can she still use this?

This machine is rated for dogs up to 30 pounds. If you really want to play it safe, I suggest you check out a bigger treadmill (the GoPet PR700 can accommodate dogs up to 44 pounds and the dogPACER Minipacer’s max load is 55 pounds).

  • I live in a small condo. How easy is it to store this treadmill?

Pretty easy, I say! You can lift it up and let it rest vertically on its nose. Or you can roll it under the bed as it does have transport wheels at the front.

Should you buy PetZen’s DogTread PZ1701?

Absolutely! I think this is the best treadmill for small dogs under 30 pounds. It’s affordable, it’s high-quality and it’s made especially for small dogs. Also, it’s whisper quiet so it won’t scare your dogs (and your neighbors aren’t going to hear a thing).

Young pups and elderly dogs are going to love this machine because it’s got a super slow 0.3 MPH minimum speed. Plus, you can even program how fast and how long their workout is going to last.


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